Day 10: Indifferent At Most


I’ve had this feeling for two days now. A feeling of indifference if not confusion. God didn’t give me this feeling; I know he didn’t. It just crept up on me without me knowing, without my protective armor on. I feel somewhat at my wits end and my mind being pulled away from me. But today I come to tell Satan, he can not have my mind nor my peace. Nor my health and most definitively not my joy.  I take back every good blessing the Lord, my God, has given me. And if I have done anything wrong to receive the curse end of these blessings God, I ask you to forgive me. To clear my slate this night while I am still alive and well aware of my sins and disgrace. Thank you Lord for being so kind and loving; for showing me mercy and grace, when I don’t deserve it.


Thank You Lord,

Annie ♥


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