Day 7: Electrical Charge Meters & More

Hey Guys,

electrical pump

So, as the title says- I have a thing about electrical car charging meters, for the cars that only use battery and gas to run. Funny actually, how today’s technology is advanced to the point it becomes a nuisance, to me at least. Just get a regular car. This issue is really a two sided debate. Some people would say that changing cars to electric would save gas money and ozone depletion, yet making such contraptions to power up you car wastes money and is plain wasteful, when will you ever go to Walmart or any other store and park there just to go for 10  minutes to an hour or two and come out just to know you paid $25 for a 6 month charge-card or using your own credit-card, and most of these Walmart’s aren’t in a good shopping district, yes a well used shopping district, but not one you will see an electrical car at. Just saying.

Any Who…

And More would be:

1. The Chance by Karen Kingsbury

2. The Heiress’s Homecoming by Regina Scott ‘Book 4 of The Everard Legacy’

3. Spiritual Warfare Bible

4. A pair of Jeans and a pair of sweat pants.

Yup, finally got the book and a well needed pair of jeans since I didn’t pack any and it’s still cold. The sweat pants is a story about my sister buying them and the wrong size stitched into the pants made the wear quite difficult, so she gave them to me. Yay, I will be warm this spring!

Oh, and not to mention, She Reads Truth (.com) has started a new devotional today called SheReadsTruth: Songs of Ascent. You can find it on You Version or go straight to the sight to get the blog post every single day till it ends.

Annie ♥


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