Day 6: Drying Out


I have been quite laid back today and the weather, as predictable as it is, turned chilly. I didn’t step outside. Not even to breathe in fresh air. Way too cold! As of lately every time I read a book my eyes usually get dry and I have to blink and sometimes I’m consciously aware when I watch television, I squint so the parts of my eyes that feel dry, stay warm. It gives me a headache after a while so then I have to blink repeatedly or close my eyes for a short while. It actually gets annoying. Though, I asked my mom to get me eye drops and so far I have taken at most four drops with in the last 30 minutes and My eyes get dry again after a couple of minutes. There for making my synopsis and conclusion of the ‘Equate~Artificial Tears~(Walmart Brand)’ doesn’t work for me. I wish it did, but it doesn’t so a short prayer for tonight Jesus:

Please keep my eyes lubricated and well moisturized, so they don’t dry out and irritate me. Also, Thank you for today and goodnight.


I do love to read, so my eyes drying out on mean really makes it harder to read for an hour or so straight… I do take breaks, so it’s not me over doing it. Well, I’ve gotten through to the 6th chapter of The Everard Legacy and I love this book more than the first.


Annie ♥


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