Day 5: Adventurous

Today, we had a day with a very special woman I consider to be like a mom to me and on the better part of that day, my sister, broke one of the bookcases I was working on for her. I had to fix it and I was quite surprised I didn’t get a peeved as I known I would have. After putting up the bookcases, the special lady, made us burgers and tater-tots. It was amazing! The patties were Spinach and Feta-Cheese patties and I doused them with mayo. They were oh-so yummy. After words I finished reading the bonus story from the back of the first book of The Everard’s Legacy and it was a nice short story >House Of Secrets by Marta Perry<. Do read it. After reading we went to sit on the patio and it was so beautiful here in Round Rock. Very beautiful, God’s creation, I hope and pray for the nice windy summer breeze to continue for the week as we head into spring. I read through the first two chapters of the second book from The Everard’s Legacy. On top of all today’s activities I have finally gotten book money. I am very exited and can’t wait to get new love-inspired harlequins and probably some suspense ones too, and The Chance by Karen Kingsbury. In a couple of days I’ll post a preview for it and place it on My Bookshelf.


Annie ♥


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