The Rogue’s Reform by Regina Scott

The Rogue’s Reform by Regina Scott was a very interesting read. This book is the first book and a very good starter for the series. It opens up the history and the knowing future for the cast of characters. Very interesting read, indeed.

This first book from The Everard’s Legacy was full of suspense. I didn’t expect there to be any but it was so full especially toward the ending. Though somehow they still don’t seem to be done with half the mystery. In the beginning  the book takes a long time to develop the ‘Love Inspired’ (Christ Faith) theme, but slowly it develops and it shows well with the characters. After a slow development of sorts, the 274 pages of this book only expands over a week’s worth of story telling, but well formed. I enjoyed it for it’s suspense the most. It gripped me so I couldn’t put the book down and had to finish it this night, the story of this book was enthralling as the two brother’s and cousin tried to find the truth at the same time being thrown off track many other secrets.

I won’t give away secrets or plot twist, but this book includes guns, hidden passages,very handsome men, independent woman with backbones, and a bobble infatuated old madam. Enjoy!


On to the second book,

Annie ♥


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