Day 4: Finished with book 1


I have just finished with book one and I am heading in to book two tomorrow. Here is my review if you would like to check it out from my brains though points.


The book was interestingly suspenseful. I don’t have much detail to give because I really has to be comprehended from the reader as to how many mysteries is going on with a lying uncle and his roguish nephews and a hidden daughter in tow. Not to mention the ‘governess’ whose mother sold the house to the lying uncle and her sad past. There were also a lot of other characters that didn’t want the family to succeed in the female cousins first season… Well you see where I am going? Too many secrets the lying uncle didn’t divulge before his timely death, which make is oh so much intriguing to the reader.

I do hope you pick the book up. Surprisingly this doesn’t have to be bought to read. Go to your nearest library and see if it’s there, that’s where I got my copy. Plus, there is an extra story in the back of the book by Marta Perry. I will read it on the morrow and hopefully get book 2 in The Everard’s Legacy going.

One last thing the fourth book has made its debut: The Heiress’s Homecoming , Check It Out!

Annie ♥


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