Day 3: Laid Back

Today, I have done nothing. I haven’t really gotten anything done, besides getting half way through book 1 of The Everard’s Legacy: The Rogues Reform by Regina Scott, which might I add is really suspenseful. I am also 2/thirds finished with my She Reads Truth: Fresh Start bible study. Slowly but surely I am making progress though imperfect at least it’s one step forward and no steps back. At the moment I feel drained from reading for 3 to 4 hours straight. It was fun while it lasted but now I need to go to sleep and rest my head.

By the way, there is a really amazing show I’m watching called Iris 2. The show is about a secret agency in South Korea called the NSS who is fighting to keep everything at peace while combating against the hard lines of North Korea and a terrorist group called IRIS. It isn’t necessary to watch IRIS 1 but you should; the action is amazing. After IRIS 1, a spin off was made and called ATHENA: Goddess Of War. I’ve started watching this one and it is really good, also a must watch. The theme song for IRIS 2 is Don’t You Know by Davichi. It’s been on repeat all day long for me and I love it.

Another Day Folding Over, Goodnight,

Annie ♥


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