The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

The Bridge is a lovely story of a man and his wife struggling to keep the bookstore open and long divided lovers who finally meet and rekindle while helping the man and his wife reopen. Very lovely indeed. I’ve been taking a very long time just to read this book because my initial thought was, ‘ This was a long novel and it will take me too long to read’. But it wasn’t. Truthfully, it was more like a short story with an elongated problem that didn’t come off as long as I thought it would. I love this book, for giving me a sense of hope in God, that he will acknowledge my dreams, incorporate them, along with the plans He has for my life.

The Bridge has four main Characters who all know each other. Charlie is the owner of a bookstore called ‘The Bridge’ and it’s called that way for a reason; to help bridge the gap between the past and present, the present and future. Along the way he comes into some financial and cataclysmic struggles, not to mention physically as well. When word get’s out about all Charlie’s issues, help arrives and on a national level. Molly and Ryan are the ones to make the biggest contributions and are also the other set of characters in the book who, themselves, are going through a bit of a misunderstanding that has damaged their relationship.

Through the book, I’ve sometimes wondered if there will ever be a bookstore like ‘The Bridge’ for someone like me and the characters in the book. Nothing is ever to coincidental; I’ve thought.

For my first book from Karen Kingsbury, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for ‘The Chance’ to come out this march. This book is highly recommended and I am proud I finished this book before officially moving out of my apartment. The only thing left to figure out is: ANOTHER BOOK TO READ!


Annie ♥


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