Day 1: My Nights From Here On Out



This is no pun but a very humbling experience, though I want to laugh about my predicament, I really do. I cannot find it so annoying as I had a year ago. This time, this year, I was where I am now… My second oldest sisters apartment. No room of my own. A duffel bag full of clothes and books. Now here I am 12 months later in the same predicament. I find hiatus to be laughable, but at the same time I have a brand new outlook on this time around. Some how God is doing something completely different this time around. I feel excited for my trip to Houston and I can’t wait to see what happensnwhen I get there. For now, I will be content where God has placed me and I will always look toward the heavens where my help comes from. Because He is the only who will know how to help me when times get rough. Sincerely happy, Annie


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