The Cowboy’s Unexpected Family by Linda Ford

Fellow Followers and Bloggers,

I have unexpectedly shouted and whooped from my bed when I saw that Linda Ford‘s second book to Cowboy’s of Eden Valley series had come out. I took the time to read it and couldn’t put the book down. I also have many things to say. It was this past Monday that I bought the e-book format and began to read and finish the book that day. The only thing is I had promised and sworn up and down my room, that I was going to start on The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury, but I didn’t. I also realized that I haven’t anything to do in the coming month of march so I will hold off on reading The Bridge until then.


Cover image for The Cowboy's Unexpected FamilyNow, The Cowboy’s Unexpected Family was exactly what I need. I find that the Main Female Character, Cassie, is just like me. Very stubborn and set in her ways, obviously due to some hard things she had to go through in her life, but for her she saw it as a character builder and even then it deferred her from her walk with God. I wish it wasn’t so but the book isn’t a tragic ending. No Harlequin Romance Is! That’s the best part. Roper, the Main Male Character, comes in and disturbs Cassie’s thought process calling her, Prickly Cassie. Truly funny seeming she doesn’t mind and she takes it as a complement to being half way to independent. But slowly Roper begins to lighten her load. She comes to find out the Roper has had a horrible past as well. I haven’t cried through the book, but it does have the power to make you feel for the characters. Along there journey comes four orphans. What kind of Journey is this? A really sweet one.

Annie  ♥


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