God’s Power & Mighty Love

I seem to struggle with this when I was younger. And some how a little now.  I am slowly finding that God has empowered me to do and act in His mighty power which shows love and gives grace as well. As of lately, I am finding it so hard to push myself and actually get out of this timid personality. God didn’t make me too fear anything. He gave his children the power to cast Satan under-foot and away, so we can live a trouble free life, since he comes to kill-steal-and-destroy; but as of lately, it isn’t Satan or demon power I seem to be combating against.

I don’t want to be timid. I want to stand tall and strong knowing that God has worked everything out to fit my needs. I don’t want to cower in fear from meeting new people. I would just like one meeting where I can talk in front of people and not second guess myself. I want to change. I have to. There’s something inside of me saying you are so much better than a little house mouse. I feel the need to put my foot through the door. To take that first step proudly knowing that Jesus is right behind me.

I feel empowered by God. The everlasting strength that is there to lift me up and not crush me.And sure, lest I get ahead of my self, God do remind me I couldn’t be who I am or where I am with you, Amen.

God, Teach me self-discipline, grow me in love, and layer me in strength. You didn’t make me timid, so I won’t accept it. Not today, and surely not in my tomorrow. Help me to grow like the loveliest of plants, you’ve also created, for you know exactly what I need and what I desire.

Your’s Truly,

Annie ♥


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