I didn’t think I could have been more correct about what I wanted in my life than this Picture right here. I’ve made a new banner that Has the word content in it because lately, I’ve been frazzled. I don’t want to feel sifted. I want to feel content. Not complacent, but content. Not happy, but joyful… the only way to get joyful is to know ‘even if’ my situation doesn’t get better I would rather be content than wishing for the stars to blast from the skies just to great me.

I don’t want to wish something so far off… NO! I want to dream and hope, like I’m made to do. To dream God’s amazing dreams and to Hope that God will fulfill those dreams he’s given me. But while I am waiting… I pray that God gives me a heart of contentment. A will of contentment. A life of contentment. I don’t want to want what’s not mines and what I will never get. I don’t want to envy. I want to enjoy what I all ready have and I want to enjoy what God has in-stored for me.

I want to be where ever I am, I want to see Him move in my life, and be content where he leads me.

Being forever Content,

Annie ♥


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