Tenth Avenue North:::The Overflow Devo:::Day 5

Day 5


  • Hebrews 11:10
    10  for he waited for the city which has foundations,whose builder and maker is God.


  1. I am not home here.
  2. I was born for God. I was born to behold Him, to love Him, and to be known by Him. But this land of shadows where I live, this world that’s cracked and rusted over, it has clouded my eyes and fooled my heart, distorting what I know is true. You see, we all have the unshakable, unnerving, unrelenting, burning in our belly that just won’t be satisfied, and the deep engrained knowledge in our soul that we are made for more than a finite world can give us.
  3.  Psalm 90:14 says, “Satisfy me in the morning with your unfailing love.” I love that. First things first, before I go running mad into this unfulfilling world, God, fill me up!”
  4. C.S. Lewis so accurately pointed out that if we find in ourselves a desire that this world cannot satisfy, the most logical explanation is that we were made for another world.
  5.  “He (Moses) considered the reproach of Christ greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt, for He was looking forward to the reward.” -Hebrews 11:26
  6. We fight the temptation of pleasure with the promise of greater pleasure.
  7. So whatever fight you’re in, whatever temptation claws at the back of your mind, Look forward. The reward is coming. He is coming. And he’s bringing a city with Him that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.
  8. “O tempted heart, come alive. I feel you burning inside. O weary soul, lift your eyes, to a city where life will never die. This rusted world, can’t satisfy, there’s nothing here that will survive, but the night will end and the sun will rise on a city where life will never die.”

Annie ♥


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