The Cowboys Surprise Bride Jan/2013

The Cowboy’s Surprise Bride by Linda Ford

The Cowboy’s Surprise Bride by Linda Ford is a Harlequin Love Inspired Historical…

Which As Of Lately I Have Fallen In Love With…

Any who, This released this month for 2013 and it comes with a chance to get 2 free books and 2 other free mystery gifts, plus a subscription to keep receiving more books this year. Already signed and shipped mines!

I have read Chapter 1 so far and I love. The determination of the characters for there unpredictability to see that the situation could either go good of bad. But we all know the what’s going to happen in the end, but for most knowing and fascinated readers, like my self, it isn’t the end we are really hoping to get to but the journey to it. Can’t wait to pack up and travel through it.

As I read I’ll post about it, but I won’t give anything away. ^_^


Traveling to Canada’s Northwest Territories is a thrilling opportunity for Linette Edwards—and her chance to escape a dreaded marriage in England. She’s more than eager to accept Eddie Gardiner’s written invitation. How could she know that Eddie thinks he’s marrying not Linette, but her friend, Margaret?Eddie planned for a well-bred bride who’d help prove his worth to his father. Instead he’s saddled with a ragamuffin stranger and the little boy in her care. He’ll shelter them until springtime and no longer. But before the snow clears, his heart is thawing too…and hoping this makeshift family can find a permanent home together.

Annie ♥


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