Week 4:::>Greater OBS

A Very Short Assignment

Week 4

This week, your only OBS assignment is to read Chapter 7, Wasted Faith.  In this chapter we learn that “the journey toward greater things is marked with setbacks and real suffering. But God has never wasted an ounce of your faith.”

This chapter was good for me. All the negatives that Pastor Steven addresses, I secretly thought of too.  And felt a little guilty for thinking them. This chapter was excellent for me to remember that God sees it all and helps me keep my faith but also keep it real.

Reflection Verse

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.     ~ Romans 8:28 NIV84

Blog Hop

If you are participating in this week’s blog hop, here are your topics this week:

~ For the Good. What are your thoughts on this week’s reflection verse?
~ Wasted Faith. Have you ever felt that your faith was wasted? Do you still feel that way or has God revealed the “good”?
~ Trust Fund Baby! Share your most memorable blessing from God. Was it unexpected?
~ Christmas. The sky is the limit! You can share your funniest, most inspirational, unique, or whatever Christmas!

Full Instructions: http://melissataylor.org/2012/12/19/greater-week-4/

Annie ♥


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