>Greater Week 3::: Chapter 5 Notes

Chapter 5: Digging Ditches

  • The way I see it, there are two major reasons why well intentions people like us get stuck after we burn our plows. One we don’t think big enough. Two, we don’t start small enough.
    ~pg. 55
  • Thinking big enough and starting small enough are two sides of the coin. So I not only want to motivate you to dream bigger dreams for your life. I also want to challenge you to take realistic steps of obedience that can actually make God’s vision come to pass.
    ~pg. 56
  • You do have to be willing to thin big. But the active ingredient of God’s greater work through us is our willingness to start small.
    ~pg. 57

-How You’ll Change the World Today

  • …whatever He calls you to do is the greatest thing you can be doing at the moment.
    ~pg. 61

-Blue-Collar Faith

  • In scripture, faith isn’t just about believing and certainly not about mere thinking. Faith is about action. In fact, faith is action. Faith doesn’t come full circle through lofty thoughts but through simple steps. It’s why James so patiently said, “Faith without works is dead.” (2:26, NKJV). Faith isn’t a state of mind- It’s a course of action. Faith is work.
    ~pg. 62

-Mood Music

  • …miracles aren’t magic tricks. They are the divine results of small steps of Faith-filled preparation.
    ~pg. 63

Blisters and Bandannas

  • It’s as if God says, “If you really believe I’m going to do what I told you I would do, get busy. Show Me your faith, and then I’ll show you My faithfulness. Do your part. If you will do what I asked you to do, I will be faithful to my word.”
  • We all want something greater until we have to start digging for it.
    ~pg. 66
  • Hebrews 1:1 tells us that “faith is the substance of things hoped for.” It’s “the evidence of things not seen.” (NKJV) Faith isn’t just abstract belief in propositions. It’s concrete.
    ~pg. 67

-Dig It?

  • You can’t expect Got to entrust you with a big dream if He can’t trust you to make a small start.
    ~pg. 68
  • And we ought to dig ditches using every means available. We can dig ditches with our words. With out prayers. Without expectations. Even with our thoughts.
    ~pg. 69


Annie ♥


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