>Greater Week 2:::Chapter 4 Notes

Burning the Plow ~ Chp 4

  • Your greater life doesn’t begin with building your dream house. It begins with burning down your old house. We have to start with an act of arson.
    ~pg. 38

– The Boldest Breakaway

  • This isn’t really even about plows or oxen. Burning the plows had no practical value to Elisha or anybody else. Symbolically, though, it meant everything.

– Chained to the Ordinary

  • But the thing is weather you’ll see God do greater things in your life doesn’t dependon having the equipment you’ll need for the journey ahead… Right now, the only equipment you need is a flamethrower (or, if that sounds too dramatic, at least a box of matches.)
    ~pg. 40
  • That’s because you can’t step into your new life until you first set fire to whatever is tethering you to your old life. Before you can go forward into the life God has for you, you have to offer Him every part of the life you have.
    ~pg. 41

-Doing the Details

  • My point is that, while God is detail oriented, He doesn’t handle detail or commincate them inthe way most of us would perfer… He simply tells us to trust Him with the outcome, commanding us to act in faith and obedience.
    ~pg. 42
  • There’s a good reason He doesn’t feel the need to give you a navigational system. It is because He is offering to be your navigational system. Which one whould you rather have: God’s guidance as a commodity or God Himself as your guide?
    ~pg. 43

– Walking on a Words

  • (German-Born evangelist Reinhard Bonnke) He said that when Jesus gave the instruction to come, Peter did not actually walk on water. “Water won’t hold you up,” Bonnke said. ” If you don’t believe that, put on you swim trunks, drive to the beach, and try it for yourself. See if that water will hold you up.”
    ~pg. 44
  • According to Bonnke, Peter didn’t actually walk on water. He went walking on the word. He stepped out onto c-o-m-e.
    ~pg. 45
  • Maybe the only word He is giving you about your future is trust.
    ~pg. 45

– Souvenir Shop

  • Some people never get greater because they’re not willing to leave good enough behind. There is a cost to pay. Whether it’s giving up something from your past or relinquishing control of you future, you will have to make a sacrifice.
    ~pg. 46
  • Does it mean giving up some familiar habits that are reminders of the way you lived before God started dealing with you?
    ~pg. 47

– Opportunity Cost

  • The real risk isn’t launching out into a new life of greater things. It’s staying in your old life of the ordinary.
    ~pg. 49

– One Decisive Act of Obedience

  • Your act of radical obedience in burning the plows will not automattically solve all your problems. It may even create new ones. But it will lift your prespective higher to see your situation from God’s vantage point. And that reality should bring you deep peace and assurance.
    ~pg. 53


There were pictures of the book from chapter 4: Burning the Plow, that I had wanted to post up and place with my notes since it would take a lot of work trying to type them out, maybe later, I’ll come back and edit to place them in. This chapter was nice. But chapter three takes the cake.

Annie ♥


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