Week 2::: >Greater OBS

Greater OBS, Week 2-Link-

Reflection Verse

Last week, I placed the week’s reflection verse under “Other Study Options.”  Not this week. I felt convicted to put God’s Word above it all. I pray you will memorize this verse (it’s an easy one) and really pray about how God wants you to use this verse in your life. What does this verse mean for you? What is God saying to you through this verse today?

 ”At once they left their nets and followed him.”  ~ Matthew 4:20 NIV84

Are you ready to drop everything to follow His greater calling in your life?


***If you do not have your Greater book yet, you can read Chapters 1 & 2 here.

Suggested Assignments:

Sunday~ Print your assignments for the week! Prepare your heart and your schedule for Bible study. Have your Greater book, a notebook to take notes, pen, highlighter, and Bible ready! Pray and ask God to ignite His Greater vision for your life.

Monday~ Pray. Begin each time of study in prayer. Read Chapter 3, Dragging Behind. If you are receiving this via email, visit my blog, http://melissataylor.org/ to share your thoughts and insights. As you read, each Bible verse that is mentioned in the chapter, stop and look it up in your Bible.  I love to highlight and write notes in my Bible. I LOVE THIS CHAPTER!!! Highlighted almost the whole thing!

Conference Call with author, Karen Ehman! Karen is the author of the next book we will be studying here, Let. It. Go. She will be talking to us about how God has done greater in her life, greater than she ever imagined. We will also be talking Christmas! Karen has some fun and exciting things going on over at her blog. Lots of fun and give aways!  This call will be both fun and informative!  And I’m still on fire from last week’s call and I have another greater message for you this week! Still time to sign up!

Tuesday~ Complete the discussion questions for Chapter 3 in the back of the book. Visit my blog, MelissaTaylor.org, for discussion.

Wednesday~ Read Chapter 4, Burn the Plows.  Hang on y’all! It gets real here! Can God really do greater in my life???? I really think so!

Thursday~ Take a break from the study and enjoy the messages on this week’s blog hop!!!  The blogs last week were absolutely awesome! Thank you for participating. I loved the messages I read. Can’t wait to read this week’s too. Visit my blog, http://melissataylor.org/ to share your blog or get links to others’ blogs. Instructions on how to post your blog will be in Thursday’s post.  Greater Blog Hop, Week 2 Topics will be posted in Monday’s post.

Friday~ Complete the discussion questions for Chapter 4 in the back of your book. Visit my blog, MelissaTaylor.org  for some great discussion!

Saturday~ Christmas Traditions!  Last week you shared some great traditions that you enjoy during this season. This week let’s share some great recipes!  Imagine the great recipe book we’ll all have after this!  I can’t wait to try some of your Christmas goodies with my family!

Week 2 of Greater in your life begins NOW!

Annie ^_^


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