Lifting Up

3. Lifted Up! Write a blog post lifting up someone in your life or a person from Scripture who inspires you to live greater!

To: Sharon Nevers

This past thanksgiving thursday I sat down and listened to my Aunty talk about something many people feel awkward about or just don’t want to listen to. But this was something I enjoyed. For someone who has so much faith, I am so happy to say you are one of the few who stands on their own two feet for that right and cast the wrong out. God has truly blessed you!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

From Annie- Your Niece!


This was for my Aunt on her birthday. I spent basically 30 minutes at a joint birthday party for her and my sister, listening to how God has been good to her. I loved it. It showed me, that God will show up right on time and he will beat my expectations. In other words, it’s kind of like she lifted me up instead.

Annie ^_^


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