Nanoing on Day 23

I advise you to say yes to mess in this final homestretch. Messiness trumps neatness right now. Traveling down the random, unplanned paths of your imagination leads to breakthroughs.

Grant Faulkner

I love this! Imagination Leads To Breakthroughs! 

This is what I’m talking about. This Pep talk was amazing. I never read the pep talks the day I get them, but I decided why not. It gave me the motivation to go on. I have 2,500+ Left in my novel so I can validate it. I am excited and can’t wait. I give all you wrimos out there a huzzah and a cheer for boost in word count so you make 50,00 but also to continue so one day I CAN READ YOU BOOK and say this was a fellow wrimo of mine.


Annie ^_^


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