Nanoing On Day 13

Why? Because we have to do something to make your novel-in-a-month endeavor a fair fight. Which it isn’t. Look at you! You’re a fantastically gifted individual, with fierce courage and an imagination powerful enough to knock out a dozen books in November.


Chris Baty is the founder of NaNoWriMo and a Board Member Emeritus at the Office of Letters and Light. He is a writer, a speaker, and a seller of fine posters.

This a little excerpt of a pep talk recieved from Chris a couple of days ago… if not yesterday. Any who, I love this part. To tell the truth, I never used to read thtough these Pep Talks last year and that has changed. ‘If you can’t read the pep talks, you can’t enjoy writing.’ Plain and Simple! I finally realized, this year, that I enjoy every aspect of this journey with my fellow Wrimos in NanoLand. I hope and pray it doesn’t end, but all goood things must come to an end to breakway fro greater things.

See you at the finish line,

Annie ^_^
21,700 words


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