How to downlad YouVersion

Google Account:
1. Go to Chrome Webstore <(I linked it here.)
2. Search for You Bible <(I linked it here.)
3. Click: ‘+ ADD TO CHROME’
4. Done! It will appear on one of your google tab pages.

Android: Tablet or Phone:
1. Log on to whatever site app you using for buying apps.

2. Search for You Bible or this picture: Application
3. Click on it> It should be free< If it isn’t free, it is a fake app.
4. You have you’re app so go to it.

Apply Products:
Same thing as the Android. Head to the App Store and search for You Bible. Once again it should be free.

You Bible is supported by You Version. I love it and I know you will too. Let’s take on Dara’s Overflow Devotional together.

Bringing Fascinating things to you,

Annie ^_^


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