:::The Overflow Devo:::Day 1

Yours Forever ~ Dara Maclean

Today I am starting Dara Maclean’s 7-day devotional. I am so excited I get to use You Bible for this and better yet, I have the app on my ebook. So I get to access it when ever I want.

TODAY: Day 1

Luke 15: Bible Gateway

A small portion of Dara’s Thoughts:

Yours Forever

Hey Friends, I just wanted to thank you for taking a little time to come here and read my Overflow Devo plan on YouVersion. We’re on this journey of discovering all God our Father has for us together. Let’s dive in.

…I was thinking about the story that we know so well of the Prodigal son. I would probably be the first one to say, “I know that”, but let’s take another look at the thing we think we might know and know it for the first time today. This is how I imagine it. Think about the father of that child, that was I’m sure, eagerly looking out the window daily, heart breaking, just hoping He would see a figure in the distance walking up the drive way.

Dara leaves a video along with the longer passage.  If you wish to take part in Dara Macleans- Overflow Devotional – It’s easy.

Your’s Forever,

Annie ^_^


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