Day six and you know what! I feel the love. When I say feel; I say feel. Today is the day I reach 10,236 words and yeah you read right: ten thousand, two hundred and twenty six words. Isn’t it awesome?… I know!

This is the offical Participants Badge.


I hope you like it! Because I extremely do. No let’s go on to more pressing things! Writing. I am writing an already writen novel. So this means: Rewriting. Revision…. Yup those two words. I had written this for my first book on but I had finished it and wanted to start rewriting it. Then I found out about the Amazon Break-Through Award this year and I decided to enter.

NaNaWriMo was coming up so I decided to use this fun program to help keep me focused and into the game. I have until Janurary 2013 to get this book done. I have abbout 30,000 plus words of this book since rewritting it since febuary 2012. I took a break to start a couple ohter books. (Notice I said start and not finish!).

So with this amazing NaNoWriMo year I will make accomplishments and finish this book, because “I AM A WRITER.    I WRITE BOOKS.” (This was in the Nanomail Pep-Talk this week.)

We get alot more pep-talks, and more people participate this year. It’s awesome. I enjoy htis year more than I did last year.

So come on over and lets write it out together or message me here, on my blog. Come on, you know you want to.

Taking a break for the day,

Annie ^_^


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