I Accept the Invitation to Imperfect Progess

It doesn’t matter how sturdy I am or how clumsy I can be, I still fall and stumble here and there, thats why I am accepting the invitation to imperfect progress. It’s the least I can do to help myelf. Lysa took us through a journey of whirlwinds and sunken ships. The disaster we’ve crossed and the broken pieces we have clearly seen is the reality that Satan wants to hand us but God knows that we are made more than a ran over haul.

He sculptured us in his likeness and image, better yet, HE SCULPTURED US. And better yet, ‘Like the David we talked about earlier. Chisled and perfected with time.’ (pg 156, Unglued). If we just take our steps slowly for assuredly we can make it and as we do in time we will be perfect. and then we will meet Jesus and everyone we have been longing to meet on the cloud.

In due time with imperfect progress we can do it. It wasn’t told to us that it would be easy, no, of course not. But it was indeed told to us that we would have trials and tribulations, and Paul tells us how to handle ourselves when we do face hard times.

Afterall, those unglued places show us what we don’t want to see or what we are trying to hide, ‘her underbelly and some hard-to-see things,’ like ‘Wounds. Boken places. Possiblity. Change.Step toward holiness. Imperfect progress.’ also ‘The hurt in those… thier underbellies. Grace. Love.’ (pg. 182, Unglued) And many more.

So take this step with me and be it your first and not the last.

To Imperfect Progress,

Annie ^_^


6 thoughts on “I Accept the Invitation to Imperfect Progess

  1. Annie,

    Thank you for that word picture of whirlwinds and sunken ships – I love word pictures. And of what our reactions show us – the growth we need.

    OBS Group Leader


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