My 20th Birthday

I celebrated turning twenty on the 26th. I had the most fun celebrating turning 20 than I did any other age. No birthday party, but just an opening of gifts and getting to spend time outside my apartment. I enjoyed it.

My presents were amazing:


My 2nd oldest Nephew Jaylen gave me this awesome poster. Nothing gets better than Angry Birds and Hello Kity!

Break Down:

My third oldest sister got me the e-reader.
My oldest nephew Shayne gave me this Claranet.

My mom got me this book. (Gave me the money to get what I wanted.)

Cousin Mikey gave me this card.

Cousin Marie gave me this one.

Oldest Sister Karen Gave me these.

My second oldest sister, Nicky, took me to the MAIN-EVENT to play some games and to eat:

Plus she got me something and hasn’t given it to me yet, We will have to wait and see.

All in all, I had a fantastic day and that weekend we had a get-to-gether/ party with my moms side of the family because one of my cousins had the same birthday as me:

Thank you God for such a beautiful day: It was a nice week to start of my 20th year.

Sincerely Happy,

Annie ♥


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