The more I rejoice, the more I keep things in perspective. The more I keep things in perspective, the gentler I become.

pg. 121

Chapter 8 of Unglued talks more about perspective while were in a ‘kid-placemat’ situation. I love this saying Lysa wrote. If I keep up what I am working on isn’t that exactly progress? And when I mess up and keep going isn’t that imperfect progress?

Today, at 12 central, I watched the Marie show, which airs on the Hallmark Channel. She had a special guest on, His name David Alan Basche, He has a tattoo on the inside of his wrists that reads: There is no Perfect. How amazing is that? He used to be a perfectionist until his daughter was born. Can you believe it? No human being on this earth is perfect. If we were, would we still be here? I mean ask yourself, would God keep you here if you were something he called perfect?

See, we aren’t and it’s hard to be so when there are things we can’t control. So take this into perspective:

Sometimes refsing to come unglued is the only way to prove to ourselves it is possible to have a different kind of reaction.
pg. 129

Can you see through the eyes of Heaven and get a new perspective?

Annie ^_^


8 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I so enjoyed your blog. I had a very imperfect week, so it was helpful to remember that only God is perfect. A perfect God is in control of imperfect me. God bless for blessing me (and others).


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