The Perfect Sandwich

Have you ever had the perfect sandwich? Do you know when that was? Can you even remember how it tasted?

Well to help you out, I haven’t ever had such a perfect sandwich until today. I always used to say that a hand made sandwich taste better when made by somebody else… but then I made a sandwich today, because I was starving (exaggeration!) and you know it could probably be from being hungry for so long, but it was the BEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED! Point blank, hands down, no more conversation about it, that’s just it! The best.

Here are some pictures… yes I took pictures!


Those were the ingredients and the way I made it the first time. This is a second time. Yup, I made my self another one! Woop!

~No butter on the side with the cheese~ {!important note!}

How’s your favorite sandwich made?

Oddly Curious,

Annie ^_^


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