Female Product Storage Box

Pad/Tampon Storage

So, Females out there lets get creative about where we store our fem products… that’s unless you have a draw already vacant that is!

A couple of days ago I planned to make a box for my period things as I don’t exactly have a place to put them since my bathroom is the bathroom that everyone who visits can use. So with further ‘a due’ (I believe I spell’t that right.)


-An Old Box or New (any size)
-Glue Gun (multiple glue sticks)
-Ribbons (any color + any size)
-Wrapping paper (any design)
-Stuffing Paper (Any color)
-Tape (clear)
-decorative small objects (optional)
-Velcro tape

Okie dokie on with the pics:


This random box was the box I received my bible in so an old box will do, but make sure it’s the size you want.


This is the wrapping paper I will be using. So many colors are never overrated. If you want to do a quilt like pattern then go right ahead.


Instead of having to hot glue the Velcro pieces they already came with adhesives.


Glue Gun Power!


Begin to strip the wrapping paper into strips that will fit the best, until the outside of the box is covered. Make sure you’re using tape and not the hot glue as it will crinkle thin wrapping paper/stuffing paper.



Using the stuffing paper as inside lining makes great accents.


I used two tone to make it look like a gift box. Do something creative!


No get your ribbons and velcro. Put the velcro pieces on the tip of the ribbon. Put the two opposite velcro pieces together and make sure they are snapped together equally. Next, hold the part of the ribbon that are together by velcro and cut the opposite end… make sure it’s equal.After that take the soft or rough side and hot glue it down to the box like in the picture an do the same with the other side.

The finishing product should look the way you want it. If you don’t like the way I placed my ribbons position yours in another way. Now use the hot glue to but the small design objects onto the ribbons, unless they already have a design.



Hope you enjoyed it! Leave a comment and if you have any cool creative ideas, share them!


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