School, Work,Stress, Whoa… Breathe!

So this morning my sister asked me to help her with her math homework. I can tell you I became the happiest little girl alive. Math is the best thing known to man at least I think so. Well for a better description of it, I LOVE IT! Equations and division adding, and fractions. The whole infinite structure… not to mention parabolas plus graphs… yup you hit the nail on the head, I’m a Nerd! But that’s alright, I’m okay with being a lover of math and science, culture and other languages.

Any-who, I worked on chapter section 1.7 from eight in the morning till 12 that afternoon and when she came home I was excited to help her, only to have her quit on me 2 minutes later.

*Heavy Sigh*

She was doing other work earlier and seemed to shorten out before she got to me and you know what, no biggy, because I refreshed my college algebra skills.

If I could tell anyone out there who, like my sister, finds math so hard. I would start with my story on how I came to love math which was in junior year. Then make a technique that’ll help!

1. Take a breather: inhale – exhale!
2. Get a thorough look at the notes: Read don’t skim!
3.Try a couple of practice problems: Practice makes perfect!
4. Go on to asking questions from the teacher or other students who understand: You can never have too much guidance!
5. Attempt: If you never try how will you know?!

Always remember when life gives you lemon, make lemonade… too sour, just put sugar in it. There is a solution for anything that is everything.

Jumping from my newly refreshed knowledge,

Annie ^_^


4 thoughts on “School, Work,Stress, Whoa… Breathe!

      • once we had to do this fractions booklet and i was dreaming about fractions for days. like, i would have a big sheet of fractions to do and i did them all night… i only like first principles at the moment, because i was proud that i taught it to myself.


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