My Choice

Recently I went through a fairly decent mother nature occurrence and something hit me. It was a moment in time where I realized I went through the motions of just living and forgot how to be a girl…

I know!

“How do you forget to be a girl, especially when you wake up every morning and stand in front of the mirror?”

I realized that I am a girl and despite who you are: Tom-boy, Girly-girl, or Plain-Jane, you have this natural instinct to treat yourself right whether it is to be comfy or fashionable.

Me, on the other hand I just pushed everything away and got up every single day- did nothing in between(eat-shower-watch t.v) and went to sleep between the hours of 7-9 pm.


So I decided why not show my true colors. Today, I am blasting my new Britt Nicole CD- Gold and I am umped to get some girl worthy things in today, like eating Breyers Vanilla ice cream, water the plants and sit on the balcony, with out being attacked by yellow jacks, while Gold by Britt Nicole is playing in the background.

But on occasion I seem to forget I ‘Don’t’ just want to treat my body any random way when it’s trying to prepare itself every month for me to be with child, which in my case isn’t happening for some time.

I haven’t even found the right one! Jeez, give me a break Mother Nature.

I want to feel comfy while I am still on my cycle, not excitingly obnoxious about other people’s pain, like how commercials make it seem. Though I don’t have pain, I still feel uncomfortable about wearing anything that is bulky and noisy and well -Bleak- though it isn’t a big problem.

So, back to my occurrence- Now I have treating my body with better respect down and under control, there is still the issue of how to present myself how I want with out being misunderstood to be something else. Though looking at it, the only thing to do about that is remember that God love’s us for who we are and we shouldn’t worry about what other people think, yet we should still be manner-able and polite, nice and kind, decent, yet comfy.

That points to how we feel on our cycles. There’s a lot of things females take into effect, we don’t want to scare people but we also don’t want our bubble to burst. This leads to be cozy on those days and for me these past five days I realized the pads I use aren’t the ones that I ‘ABSOLUTELY ADORE’; No, they weren’t.

I actually ran out of the ones that I ‘ABSOLUTELY ADORE’, which only meant I had to use the ones that were for back up, and no offense to that brand because I do like them, but I don’t ‘ABSOLUTELY ADORE’ them. So without bashing on the brand I will just say my most favorite are the Always Infinity/ Always Radiant!


The Infinity/Radiant brand are the same thing the only difference is that Radiant Has a fresh smell and infinity doesn’t!

Memory Foam + A Scent for 'those' cover up days.
Some people don’t like the scents and others do, For me… I don’t quite mind, but what I do mind are wings/no wings.
No wings! Most definitely. But I also don’t mind wings.

Four years back I went on a trip back to my hometown; Brooklyn, New York. It was a two month trip: summer break trip I suppose. Towards the end of the trip My period decided to show up, might I add this was the plane ride back to Texas day. I ran out of pads and so My Aunt handed me Always Ultra thin, which at the time was the brand I used, not knowing any other since my mom bought them for me and my sister. She gave me the last few which were (here i say) Wing-less! Oh my sweet babies! Wing-less! I cold sing about them forever as long as I live.

From then on I have been a wingless rider for ever and ever. I can actually say this proudly without caring what any one else would think…

It’s like memory foam for my crotch!

Memory Foam for 'those' days!

And I literary thought that when I found them one day on my sisters dresser, standing there in all it’s glory, though she had over night, I took it an used it. I couldn’t feel it, and when I sat there was no noise just pure softness. Now my next try will be the Radiant brand, can’t wait. Some times I wish my cycle will hurry up but then I realize I am probably not thinking straight.

Which Pads Have You Flipping Tables? Which Pads Serenade You Into A Peaceful Lullaby?


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