Fascinating? Interesting?

Milk and Cookies. Santa couldn’t even stay away, he came for an early Christmas.

Okay so, one day in the week I decided to have chocolate chip cookies & milk; the best combination ever. Like I was saying, I ate the cookies by dunking, best technique ever; anyways… I was left over with milk, so what do you do? Dink it! So I did and I was was left over with a little bit more milk and I couldn’t help notice I stopped drinking at the perfect spot, take a look for yourselves!


At the perfect spot!

I couldn’t help but be Fascinated. I mean it’s really not, but it was so Interesting at the time. I couldn’t hold back my overspent happiness.

Here’s a couple of pictures of a different time from the same perspective:


It looks like the fake food they have at open house, but it’s not! Good ole porridge.


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