Home-made Planner


Home Made Planner for 2012-2013 year!

How did this come about? Well, two weekends ago I ran out of planners. I usually have a stack of them all over the place but they were all 2012 editions and well a new school year was already upon me and I had no spare change to buy the one I really wanted (which are usually expensive), so I decided to make my own, but there was a horrible revelation…

I don’t know how to make a homemade planner.

On one of my many rants to my sister, she told me to search online and it hit me,

Why didn’t I think of that?!

So I did. But… there was the problem of timing. In just two days my family and I were going on a short weekend vacation out of the province/city.

I asked my self over and over…

Do I want to start now or wait til I come back?

Upon great revision of the idea I decided to start now. Even though the signs were quiet obvious I shouldn’t and just wait. On to searching! After searching I came upon Kyla Roma’s blog and she had an awesome template to start with(http://www.kylaroma.com/2011/01/making-a-custom-day-planner-part-one-making-a-plan-template-downloads/)

… though there was the problem of extra things needing to be bought in order to bind the book together. Things I couldn’t buy at the moment. So, I went on to use her idea of creating my own template.


Funny thing happened: While printing my twelve separate sheets (which were to be six back and front) I ran out of cyan ink! My printer doesn’t work if one of the ink cartridges are empty or missing so I couldn’t print any more. Thank goodness I had my calendar pages printed.

This is where the 144 blank pages come in:


This was the main and treacherous task of them all! Foreboding and all things miserable; this was completed in one day leaving me with the day of the trip to complete the binding. (The width of the paper depends on the size of the book you want.I cut mines at half of 8.5 inches, taking off a couple of tiny increments.) I used a ruler and Pilot G-2 07 colored pens. I had to choose what color scheme I wanted and went with blue and purple.

Starting from ten in the morning to one the next morning, I was officially done with all 144 pages. The next day I woke up to start the final process on my planner.

I used an old box I had gotten when I was 14y-old (an accessories making kit). Inside the kit was a card board that was folded like a binder. I used that for the hard cover of my planner. I went around my house looking for things to make a small folder to fit in the back. I found filing folders neatly tucked away into a file cabinet, which was also neatly tucked away.

I cut the box into tab pieces to make dividers but it didn’t work out the way I wanted to so I grabbed one 3.5X6 index card and took an old black ribbon with velcro (that was used to wrap a transformers blanket one of my sisters bought for me).

The substance I used for binding and every thing else is: Hot Glue!
Yup I used about four glue sticks and they weren’t big glue sticks either, only 4 inches tall.

The black ribbon was hot glued to the index card and strip by strip I cut and glued them back to the beginning papers of each month making tabs.

I began the binding with the pages first to each other by month and front paper. Next I took a purple filing folder and cut it an inch bigger in width than the planner pages. After making the folder I glued all 12 months to it. (The binding was done on the corner of each page).

I went to look for scrap material my mother keeps around after she’s done sewing. I found multiple pieces of material I would love to use, but I had to keep my color scheme into mind, so I took a purple fabric with blue, yellow, pink, and red flowers on it. The book had to be soft so the ridges of the cardboard wouldn’t be noticeable, I found canvas material from one of my last projects still hanging around and used that for an inner layer.

After binding the canvas material I glued on the purple material and then placed a precisely-cut blue filing folder to cover the inner cover of the card board.


Next step was to bind the pages/folder to the cover. After that I decided I would like to make it a little more personalized, so I took the velcro and glued it to the front of the cover and made a latch, gluing the soft side to it.

And Voila. Home Made Planner Complete!!!!

*Little Note: The only reason why I used hot glue is because it was the only thing in the house that was strong enough to bind (unless I punched holes and used ribbon or recycled a binder clamp from one of my older planners). These things were easier for me to find because my mom used to be a director of a child care and so we still have all the left over arts & craft: note the glue gun! But finding things around the house is a great way to recycle and create things. Just got to have motivation to get up and start being creative!*







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