Para Olympics 2012- Oscar Pistorius


The first time I saw Pistorius, he was being interviewed on the 30th Olympiad and I said to my self,

“Wow, he’s good looking!”

The funny thing is I didn’t know he didn’t have any legs. I think about it now, It would change a thing if he had any or not, he is a pretty good runner and a nice looking man. To top it off he made it to the 4X400m in the Olympics and now sets a new 200m record in the Para Olympics.


It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t have 2 fully grown legs do things that require them. He is pushing the boundaries society has set and it’s amazing to see him do it with all the heat and excitement. WooHoo! Go Oscar Pistorius. I’ll keep cheering you on.

One day I’ll have courage to do things I am allowed to do as a member in the body of Christ… you know what?

“Why wait? Why not start now?!”


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